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Is Neurology IMG Friendly? 2021-2022

April 15, 2021


Is Neurology an IMG-Friendly Specialty?

Neurology Residency Programs

For Neurology, 58 percent of US IMGs (75 of 130 persons) and 68 percent of non-US IMGs (212 of 313 persons) found matches in their preferred specialty in 2020.  It was among the top 10 IMG Friendly specialties for that year.

Neurology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of disorders of the nervous system.

How many Neurology Residency Programs are there?

There are currently 170 Neurology Residency Programs in the United States

In the 2020-2021 academic year there were ten new Neurology Residency Programs

10 Newly Accredited Neurology Residency Programs 2020 2021

[1800500001] Riverside University Health System Program -Initial Accreditation
[1800500002] Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Program -Initial Accreditation
[1800500003] HCA Healthcare/Los Robles Regional Medical Center Program -Initial Accreditation
[1801100003] Orlando Health Program– Initial Accreditation
[1801100158] Larkin Community Hospital Palm Springs Campus Program– Initial Accreditation
[1803500001] Nuvance Health Program Paul Wright, MD, MBA- Initial Accreditation
[1803700001] Univ of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences Program-Initial Accreditation
[1804100001] Tower Health Program -Initial Accreditation
[1804800001] University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School Program -Initial Accreditation
[1804800169] The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Program-Initial Accreditation


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How long is Residency Training in Neurology

Length of Neurology Training

Neurology training includes a one-year internship in internal medicine or two years of pediatrics for child neurologists and at least three years of specialized residency training in neurology.  Adult neurology training can be completed via a categorical program, (one that includes four years of training), or an advanced program, (one that includes three years of training after completing a separate one-year internship).

Top Neurology Training programs?

9According to the AMA in 2019 the 10 most viewed Neurology residency programs are as follows

 Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine Neurology Residency Program

 SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn Neurology Residency Program

 New York University School of Medicine Neurology Residency Program

 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Downtown) Neurology Residency Program

 Rush University Medical Center Neurology Residency Program

 University of Chicago Neurology Residency Program

 Tufts Medical Center Neurology Residency Program

 Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell Neurology Residency Program

 Cooper Medical School of Rowan University/Cooper University Hospital Neurology Residency   Program

 Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Neurology Residency Program

Is Neurology IMG Friendly?

Yes, Neurology Residency Programs are very IMG Friendly!

For Neurology, 58 percent of US IMGs (75 of 130 persons) and 68 percent of non-US IMGs (212 of 313 persons) found matches in their preferred specialty in 2020.  Neurology is among the top 10 IMG Friendly specialties for 2020.

Neurology was also in the top five IMG-friendly specialties for Non-US IMGs

Top Five

 Internal Medicine (categorical) (2,116)

Family Medicine (405)

Pediatrics (categorical) (340)

Neurology (categorical, advanced, and physician positions) (235)

Pathology (232)

What score as an IMG do I have to get to Match into a Neurology Residency Program?

According to the NRMP Charting outcomes Neurology USMLE Scores average for Matched Applicants in 2020

U.S. IMGs USMLE Step 1 227 USMLE Step 2 CK 236 / Non-U.S. IMGs  USMLE Step 1 233 USMLE Step 2 CK 239

Is Neurology Competitive for IMGs?

  • Selection for Neurology Residency Program as an IMG
  • Neurology Rank order List IMG

According to the 2020 NRMP Program Director Survey, The USMLE Step 1 Score was the most important factor in selecting an applicant for a Neurology Residency Program interview. Interpersonal skills, Interactions with faculty, and house staff were the main factors for ranking applicants.

Apply to Neurology Residency Training Programs

As an international medical school graduate, the application process for a U.S. Residency isn’t easy. It can take years to put together a competitive application and participate in the USMLE Match.

Then, even when you’re ready to compete for the Match, you still face a daunting task. Of the 170 Neurology Residency Programs, which ones should you apply to?

Neurology Applicants ask themselves not only –¬† How many Neurology Residency Programs should I apply to? But Which Neurology Residency Programs should I apply to?

IMGPreps Customized Neurology IMG Friendly residency program lists will provide you with clear up to date data on IMG friendly Neurology Residency Programs

How? Let’s meet Raj as an example:

Raj is a Neurology student Neurology IMG Friendly

Raj is a Neurology Residency Program applicant and a 2018 graduate of Kasturba Medical College Manipal. He has a 229 in his USMLE Step 1, and a 239 in his USMLE Step 2CK. He is looking for a J-1 Visa and has completed US clinical experience as a visiting medical student.
S = USMLE Step 1 229 SMLE Step 2 CK 239

U = Yes
V = Requires J1 Visa
Y = 2018

It would be an enormous waste of time and resources, for example, if he applied to programs that simply don’t offer J-1 Visas, or to programs that have minimum USMLE score cut-off requirements that his scores don’t meet.  Instead, Raj needs to compare his SUVY against real-world data to target only those programs for which he is actually competitive.

S = Score Cutoffs U = US Clinical Experience V = Visa Y = Year of Graduation

Raj needs to continue to ask more questions. This will enable him to truly target those programs that deserve his full attention and effort. A few of the additional questions she should ask are:

  • Is the Neurology Residency Program IMG Friendly?
  • Does the program have alumni from Kasturba Medical College?
  • Does the program have current residents from India?
  • Does the program have current F- IMGs?

Step 1: Raj  Enters his  SUVY with the name of his  Medical School Kasturba Medical College Manipal

IMG Search Box

Step 2: Raj Uses IMGPreps Customized Residency Program Lists internal filters to see where Alumni from his school has matched and does the program have current F-IMGs Foreign international medical graduates vs C-IMGs Caribbean International Medical Graduates

Now Raj has a much better understanding of what programs he is the best fit for! This will save him time, money, and effort during the application process.

Looking at statistics Neurology is in the top ten of IMG Friendly Specialties from 2016-2020


Neurology is a highly academic field that receives a large number of applications in the match. A review of these statistics clearly shows that Neurology is IMG Friendly but applicants must make an informed decision of which Neurology Residency Programs are IMG Friendly and meet their specific score and application requirements.

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