International Medical Graduate Seeking A US Residency Program?

Established in 2005, IMGprep is the premier consulting service for international medical graduates and students seeking graduate medical education, also known as “GME” in the United States. This is also known as participating in a U.S. residency program.

Our team of graduate medical education professionals works with each individual applicant to help them maximize their potential for matching into a U.S. residency program.

No other organization has the experience, reputation, and proven track-record of IMGprep. For assistance in matching into a U.S. residency program, contact us today!


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Residency Match

Developing a customized plan that helps you obtain an IMG residency.  Providing you with all the guidance and information you need along the way.


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Clinical Externship

Hands-on externship rotations for international medical graduates (imgs) that are designed to give you the US clinical experience you need.


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Residency Programs List

Utilizing your scores and profile to create your customized residency programs list, so you can narrow your choices quickly and efficiently.


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Personal Statement

A comprehensive editing and revising service that ensure that your ERAS personal statement is as professional and well prepared as possible.


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Interview Preparation

Preparing you for the interview questions and situations you will encounter during your specific residency interview.  Incorporating lessons learned from hundreds of interview preparation sessions we’ve conducted over the past 10 years.



IMGprep is devoted to excellence in teaching, training, and mentoring medical doctors and medical school students from around the world that seek to participate in graduate medical education in the United States.

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