Residency Interview Preparation for IMGs

Our Philosophy Is to Prepare Our Applicants Individually

No matter how similar two applicants, we never do group preparation. We know that when you have internal medicine residency interview scheduled with a specific program, you need to prepare differently than if you have a psychiatry residency in mind. When it comes to residency interview preparation, there is no substitute for study and practice. We will work with you to develop the way you think, improve your confidence, and help you present your thoughts and ideas in an effective and articulate manner tailored to your unique background.

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Residency Interview Preparation Service

All of Your Hard Work and Preparation Has Finally Led to a Medical Residency Interview 

This is the most crucial step in the application process, and your performance during your residency interview may be the difference between acceptance or rejection from a residency program.

We hear it often: “I wish I had been better prepared for my residency interview.”

Don’t make the same mistake. You need to make every one of those residency interview opportunities count. This is especially important for imgs ( international medical graduates ).

IMGprep can help you prepare for your interviews. We have developed a process by incorporating lessons learned from the hundreds of residency interview preparation sessions we’ve conducted with residency applicants over the past 10 years. Our intensive interview prep will focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses. Your preparation will include mock interviews with difficult residency interview questions.

Why spend time on Medical Residency Interview Preparation?

According to the most recent NRMP Program Director Survey Report, the top factors of mean importance in ranking an applicant for a residency position were solely related to the applicants performance during the Residency Interview. Please see Figure 2.

Although every applicant is unique, each preparation process follows the same steps:

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Discussion and intake. You’ll be assigned an individual expert who is completely committed to your success. He or she will evaluate all of your documentation, just like an interviewer would, to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your application.

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Preparation and Study. Your residency interview expert will give you an eBook packed with medical residency interview questions. You will review these questions and start to think about how you would answer them.  See examples of residency interview questions.

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SKYPE 1:1 Prep. You’ll do several hours of individual, one-on-one residency interview preparation by conducting mock interviews with your assigned expert.  During these practice interviews, you will learn how to think through residency interview questions and to develop your own answers. This is a critical step in the preparation process.

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Tailoring the interview. Most residency programs have mission statements and program profiles, which your interview expert will use to tailor your interview. Our goal is to ensure that you are well informed on the appropriate topics and help you show interviewers how you will benefit their programs.

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Follow-up. After your interview, you will be able to follow up with your interview expert for feedback. He or she will help identify any issues that you had and provide suggestions on how to prepare for your next interview.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Residency Interview Prep for IMGs

IMGPrep specializes in medical residency interview preparation for imgs, or international medical graduates. We understand how important it is to be ready for residency interview questions and situations. We know the extra challenges facing imgs as they search for their residency match.


I don’t live in Washington, D.C. How can I participate in live Residency Interview Training?

Medical Residency Interview Preparation is done live and one-on-one, utilizing popular online software. As long as you have an internet connection, you can participate in live residency interview training. This is because we have found that your body language and how you interact with an interviewer is as important as how you answer interview questions.


I purchased five hours of Interview Prep.  Can I do this in one day?

Medical Residency Interview Preparation is a process that cannot be completed in one day. We break your sessions into one-hour blocks over a period of time. This allows us to not only assess you and provide you feedback, but it affords you time to practice how you answer questions before the next prep session. Over a period of time as you prepare, we will also assign articles for you to read and other homework to complete. This method enables us to evaluate your interview preparation progress, while giving you time for self-improvement.


I work during the day. Can I participate in Interview Prep in the evenings?

We understand you have a busy schedule, and will work with you to find a convenient time to conduct Medical Residency Interview Preparation.


Do you do group interviews?

Our philosophy is to work one-on-one with an applicant, as no two applicants are the same. We want your answers to medical residency interview questions to be specific and reflective of your personal experience and application. If, however, we feel that there is a specific reason for you to participate in a group interview, we may arrange a session.


When should I purchase and schedule my first session?

When you schedule your first interview, you should already have decided on your specialty and know with which residency program you will be interviewing. Our Medical Residency Interview Preparation includes (and goes beyond) preparing you to answer general interview questions. We review the profile and objective statements at the specific programs where you will be interviewing. We tailor the training for that specific residency program, while ensuring that you understand how the training will help you with all your interviews, as the techniques for answering interview questions are adaptable.


How can I best prepare for the residency interview?  Should I purchase the 2.5 hours or 5 hours?

We recommend that an applicant that has not yet participate in any Medical Residency Interview Preparation purchase 5 hours of training. In rare cases, applicants will need additional prep work which can be purchased later.


Do I need to send a thank you letter after my residency interview?

Yes! We strongly recommend sending a thank you note afterwards.  Read why here.


Are there any discounts?

After you complete your Interview Prep and you are confident in our services, you are eligible to participate in our referral program. For every applicant you refer that signs up, you will receive a credit equivalent to the cost of 1-hour of Medical Residency Interview Preparation.