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About IMGPrep

IMGPrep, established in 2005, has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to providing exceptional education, training, and mentorship to medical doctors and medical school students worldwide who aspire to pursue graduate medical education in the United States.

With a focus on assisting applicants who are eager to continue their academic journey and secure a coveted spot in a U.S. medical residency program, IMGPrep offers an unrivaled experience. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive solutions, encompassing evaluation, strategic planning, and implementation strategies tailored to facilitate entry into U.S. residency programs.

Employing a proven, meticulous step-by-step approach, we streamline the intricate process of applying for the “match,” ensuring that our applicants possess the highest probability of success. By facilitating the acquisition of valuable U.S. clinical experience, we equip candidates with the tools necessary to excel. Additionally, we provide services to aid in the crafting of a compelling residency personal statement and other essential documents required for the ERAS application. Moreover, we have developed a proprietary residency program search engine, further facilitating the application process.

Moreover, we have achieved remarkable success in preparing applicants for their residency interviews, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform at their best.

Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, we are readily available to provide guidance and support.  Contact us today.