Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Straightforward answers to common questions.

Does your program provide complete liability insurance?

You must carry liability insurance when participating in an Externship in the United States. IMGPrep provides a complete liability insurance policy for each of our clients. We will also provide you with the insurance company name and a direct contact that you can speak with if you have questions. Your policy can begin in as little as two weeks. When you enroll in the Externship program with IMGPrep, you will receive a copy of your own, individualized policy.


What are the minimum requirements to participate in your Externship program?

While we understand that each applicant is unique, participation in the IMGPrep Externship program requires the following:

  • Each applicant must provide immunization Records showing current inoculations for Hepatitis B, MMR, and Tetanus.
  • Each applicant must provide proof of a negative PPD results within the previous 12 months. If the applicant’s skin test is positive, we require proof of a negative chest X-ray reading completed within the U.S. during the past 12 months.
  • Each applicant must provide proof of a completed criminal background check. A criminal background check may be obtained online or by a visit to your local police department.


What kind of attending physicians do you work with?

IMGPrep works exclusively with attending physicians who provide hands-on experience for medical graduates. All attending physicians are affiliated with a U.S. medical school, teaching hospital or residency program.


Can I speak with an Extern who has rotated before me?

IMGPrep will gladly provide you with contact information for previous clients who have participated in our program. We encourage you to ask questions.


Is my rotation considered U.S. clinical experience?

IMGPrep only places our Externs into hands-on rotations that provide the experience you need to receive a quality letter of recommendation for residency placement.

What’s the benefit to using your lists?

IMGPrep’s iMatch program will provide you with a customized list of the programs you qualify for. All you have to do is enter your qualifications into our system: our database will build you a customized list of programs to apply to. With only 45 applications that can be sent through the SOAP week, you don’t want to waste any of them applying to programs that will not consider your application.


How will your lists help me save time and money?

With your customized list, you will know exactly which programs you should be applying to. There will be no more need to waste your limited applications applying to programs that won’t consider your application.


But isn’t all this information public knowledge? Why should I spend money on this if I could call the program myself and find out the information?

While most of the information is public knowledge, IMGPrep’s team has spent hundreds of hours researching more than 3,500 programs and nearly 40 specialties in an effort to build the most complete database out there. A single applicant will only be able to amass information about a few dozen programs, at best: put IMGPrep’s database to work for you!


What sort of information does the IMGprep Customized Residency List system check for?

Our database will check your USMLE scores, your visa status, the time elapsed since your graduation, whether or not you have US clinical experience,  who the current residents and where they attended medical school, IMG friendly status and more, and will then cross-reference your qualifications against the programs’ requirements, giving you a customized list of programs.


What is your refund policy?

As each residency program list is customized to your individual qualifications, no changes can be made after payment. Please be sure that the information you enter is accurate prior to purchasing your customized residency program list. There are no refunds or cancellations. If you have any questions or concerns about using our residency program list database, please contact us directly PRIOR to your making a purchase. A team member would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Why would I need a CV if program directors have already seen my CAF?

When you present an interviewer with your CV, you’re giving him an easy way to reference your unique background and qualifications. He won’t have to strain his memory to remember obscure details from your CAF; all the information he needs is at his fingertips! When you arrive for your interview, you must be prepared to present a professional, up-to-date copy of your CV, printed on the appropriate paper. A well-crafted CV allows you another opportunity to impress a potential employer with your proficiency and fluency in English. A poorly-written or sloppy CV may convince a program director that you do not have the professionalism it takes to succeed in a U.S. residency program.


How do your writers present my information better than I myself would?

Our expert writers will help you determine prioritize which information belongs on your CV. We’ll help you figure out what to list and when to list it; we’ll help you showcase your medical expertise without allowing your CV to become overly clinical. We’ll also format your CV with a uniquely designed letterhead that you can use on all of your official communication; this will reinforce your image as a polished and a professional candidate.


How does the writing process work?

After purchasing our CV package, you will receive a detailed questionnaire with questions regarding your schooling, experience, and qualifications. Once you have completely filled out the questionnaire, your writer will create a CV that showcases your achievements and highlights your experience. You will receive your CV within 2-4 business days of submitting the questionnaire; you have another 2 business days to request changes.


When do I need a CV?

You should present each of your interviewers with a copy of your CV: remember to print it on high-quality paper! Also, when you mail in thank you letters after an interview, include a copy of your CV; this will help a busy program director put a face to your letter.

What happens when I upload my draft personal statement?

As soon as you have uploaded a statement to your profile, you will be assigned a writer. This writer will work with you on all of your statements and help you polish and perfect them. Shortly after the writer accepts your statement, you will receive an email where the writer will ask you to make some additional clarifications or to elaborate on specific areas. After you provide the writer with the information he has asked for, he’ll work on incorporating that information into your personal statement. Following his revisions and edits, you will get a chance to review the personal statement again, suggesting any final changes.  The writer will then do a final revision, polishing the personal statement and getting it ready for submission.


I am applying to two specialties, do I need two different personal statements?

Yes, we recommend that you develop different personal statements that are tailored to each specialty, and speak to your unique qualifications and particular interest in that specialty.


Can’t you just write a personal statement for me?

No. That would be unethical, and ultimately would do your application a disservice. Nobody knows your story better than you, and an original personal statement that tells your story, will help present yourself to the residency program. We do not edit statements that are less than 650 words long, and we can only work with the material you send us. You need to tell us about your experiences and feelings, and we’ll try to help you present the material in a clear and professional manner.


How many revisions will you do?

Our writers will work closely with you to develop and refine your personal statement, and will make two revisions.


How long should the personal statement be?

Ideally, personal statements should be one page long. Under certain circumstances you can write a longer personal statement, however personal statements should never exceed two pages.


How much time should I take to write a personal statement?

We recommend that a personal statement is not written in one sitting. Give yourself some time to really consider what you want to say and then write a draft. Step away from the draft and return to it later with a fresh perspective. You might think of something you want to include that you didn’t. Keep doing this until you have a personal statement you are satisfied with, you can then submit to our writers.


How much time does it take for you to edit a personal statement?

We want you to take full advantage of the opportunities that your personal statement offers, and that will take time. Ideally it will take between five and seven days to complete your personal statement. You do have an option to purchase a “rush” personal statement that can be completed in as little as three days.

I don’t live in Washington, D.C. How can I participate in live Interview Prep?

Medical Residency Interview Prep is done live and one-on-one, using utilizing popular online software. As long as you have an internet connection, you can participate in live interview prep training. This is because we have found that your body language and how you interact with an interviewer is as important as how you answer interview questions.


I purchased five hours of Interview Prep can I do this in one day?

Medical Residency Interview Prep is a process that cannot be completed in one day. We break your sessions into one-hour blocks over a period of time. This allows us to not only assess you and provide you feedback, but it affords you time to practice how you answer questions before the next prep session. Over a period of time as you prepare, we will also assign articles for you to read and homework. This method enables us to evaluate your interview preparation progress, while giving you time for self-improvement.


I work during the day. Can I participate in Interview Prep in the evenings?

We understand you have a busy schedule, and will work with you to find a convenient time to conduct Medical Residency Interview Prep.


Do you do group interviews?

Our philosophy is to work one-on-one with an applicant, as no two applicants are the same. We want your answers to interview questions to be specific and reflective of your personal experience and application. If, however, we feel that there is a specific reason for you to participate in a group interview, we may arrange a session.


When should I purchase and schedule my first session?

When you schedule your first interview, you should already have decided on your specialty, and know what program you will be interviewing with. Our Medical Residency Interview Prep includes, but goes beyond preparing you to answer general interview questions. We review the profile and objective statements at the specific programs where you will be interviewing. We tailor the training for that specific program, while ensuring that you understand how the training will help you with all your interviews, as the techniques for answering interview questions are adaptable.


Should I purchase the 2.5 hours or 5 hours?

We recommend that an applicant that has not yet participate in any Medical Residency Interview Prep, purchase 5 hours of training. In rare cases, applicants will need additional prep work which can be purchased later.


Are there any discounts?

After you complete your Interview Preparation and you are confident in our services, you are eligible to participate in our referral program. For every applicant you refer that signs up, you will receive a credit equivalent to the cost of 1-hour of Medical Residency Interview Prep.