Customized Program Lists Residency Requirements

Accurate and Affordable!

We have the most comprehensive, and up-to-date searchable Customized Residency Requirements Lists available. Our proprietary database is updated twice a year, so you’re always getting the most accurate and relevant information. Lists cost $75, making them among the most cost-effective tools you’ll find and will help you save both time and resources in your application process. Customized Program Lists Residency Requirements – Our Customized Residency Program Lists allow you to identify which programs you qualify for so that you can narrow your choices quickly and efficiently.  

Our Customized Residency Program Lists Also Include:

  • Program Contact information, Scores, Year of Graduation and Required Visa Status C
  • Research Info NEW
  •  Photos of Current Residents & Medical Schools NEW
  • Alumni
  • Available Fellowships
  • Percentages of International Medical Graduates
  • Opposed or Unopposed Family Medicine Programs
  • Cutoffs on Attempts Per Step
  • Opportunities for Observerships or Clinical Experience NEW 
  • Program Requirements for U.S. Clinical Experience
  • Have a Question about your list? Get live assistance NEW 

Find your Residency Match with Customized Medical Residency Program Lists

When you’re an international medical graduate looking for the right residency program to apply to, you don’t have time or resources to waste on the wrong programs. If you don’t meet a program’s minimum requirements, you’ll be rejected automatically. That’s why it’s so important to work from an accurate, up-to-date residency program list enabling you to tailor your application process.

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