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Residency Personal Statement

Residency Personal Statement Editing

The residency personal statement is your opportunity to set your application apart from your peers. Residency program directors look to the residency personal statement to understand who you are – beyond your test scores and CV. It helps them determine if you would be the right “fit” for their program. A strong personal statement on your ERAS application can help you attain a US medical residency.

IMGprep offers a comprehensive residency personal editing service that ensures that your application is as professional and well prepared as possible. The professional writers at IMGprep will work with you to develop a unique, distinctive and professional personal statement that expresses who you are in a manner that stands out from other applicants.

Your editor will help you overcome the difficulties associated with writing a residency personal statement by:

Editing and Polishing Your Personal Statement

Editing and polishing your personal statement to ensure that it is thoroughly professional

Identifying Ideas and Concepts Icon

Identifying ideas and concepts relevant to you and the application

Helping you Draw out Thoughts and Ideas Icon

Helping you draw out thoughts and ideas in your own voice

Evaluating Your Personal Statement Icon

Evaluating your
personal statement for
clarity and strength

Working With You One-on-One

Working with you
one-on-one to develop
an initial outline

Our experts will help you tell your story while maintaining your unique voice.  Evaluation boards need the residency personal statement to reflect who you really are; they use it to determine whether you’re a good fit for their program.

ERAS Personal Statement – $685/each | With Rush Fee $785



Frequently Asked Questions

Straightforward answers to common questions about the residency personal statement and IMGPrep’s editing service.

What happens when I upload my draft personal statement?

As soon as you have uploaded a statement to your profile, you will be assigned a writer. This writer will work with you on all of your statements and help you polish and perfect them. Shortly after the writer accepts your statement, you will receive an email where the writer will ask you to make some additional clarifications or to elaborate on specific areas. After you provide the writer with the information he has asked for, he’ll work on incorporating that information into your residency personal statement. Following his revisions and edits, you will get a chance to review the personal statement again, suggesting any final changes.  The writer will then do a final revision, polishing the personal statement and getting it ready for submission.


I am applying to two specialties, do I need two different residency personal statements?

Yes, we recommend that you develop a different residency personal statement that is tailored to each specialty, and speaks to your unique qualifications and particular interest in that specialty. So, if, for example, You applying to Internal Medicine and Family Medicine we will recommend to purchase Internal Medicine personal statement editing and Family Medicine personal statement editing separately.


Can’t you just write a residency personal statement for me?

No. That would be unethical and ultimately would do your application a disservice. Nobody knows your story better than you and an original personal statement that tells your story will help present yourself to the residency program. So, we have all kinds of services for IMGs, but we are not providing residency personal statement writing service. We do not edit statements that are less than 650 words long, and we can only work with the material you send us. You need to tell us about your experiences and feelings, and we’ll help you present the material in a clear and professional manner.


What if I have writer’s block and simply can’t write 650 words?

We will provide you with a questionnaire and you will be expected to provide solid paragraph answers the questions are broad and allow us to get to know you. No it is not a template and we do not simply use it for your PS, you will be expected to discuss the questionnaire with our team and we will then have a solid starting point.


How many revisions will you do?

Our writers will work closely with you to develop and refine your residency personal statement and will make two revisions.


How long should the personal statement be?

Ideally, personal statements should be one page long. Under certain circumstances you can write a longer personal statement, however, personal statements should never exceed two pages.


How much time should I take to write a personal statement?

We recommend that a personal statement is not written in one sitting. Give yourself some time to really consider what you want to say and then write a draft. Step away from the draft and return to it later with a fresh perspective. You might think of something you want to include that you didn’t. Keep editing until you have a personal statement you are satisfied with; you can then submit to our editors.


How much time does it take for you to edit a personal statement?

We want you to take full advantage of the opportunities that your personal statement offers, and that will take time. Ideally it will take between five and seven days to complete your personal statement. You do have an option to purchase a “rush” personal statement that can be completed in as little as three days.