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Psychiatry Residency Programs for IMGs: How to Select IMG Friendly Psychiatry Residency Programs

June 26, 2021


Psychiatry is the branch of medicine specialized in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and common medical and neurological disorders that fall under the scope of psychiatry practice.

How long is a Psychiatry Residency Training Program and how many Psychiatry Residency Programs are there?

Psychiatry Residency Programs are Categorical Residency Programs that span a minimum of four years of postgraduate training. There are currently 287 psychiatry residency training programs in the United States.

Let’s Meet Miguel Reyes He is a 2018 International Medical graduate from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogotá Facultad de Medicina Medical School and a Psychiatry applicant. He is ECFMG Certified with USMLE Step 1 231 USMLE Step 2CK 224. He has two International visiting medical student rotations while in school and a visiting IMG Observership in Psychiatry. He is interested in applying to Top Psychiatry training programs that he would qualify for.

Psychiatry REsidency Program for IMGs Miguel

S – USMLE Step 1 231 USMLE Step 2CK 224

U – No US Clinical Experience

V – J-1 Visa

Y – 2021 Graduate


Your Medical School:

USMLE Step 1 Score:

Or Select

USMLE Step 2 Score:

Graduation date:

US Clinical Experience?

Visa Sponsorship?

How Does Miguel Choose the Best Psychiatry Residency Program to Apply to in the Residency match?

Taking into consideration his SUVY- S = Score Cutoffs U = US Clinical Experience V = Visa Y = Year of Graduation,  Miguel must customize his approach to the 287 Psychiatry Residency Training Programs to maximize the receptivity of his application.

As Miguel is an IMG International Medical Graduate, he should have in addition to his SUVY Criteria, IMG Friendly Residency Psychiatry Training programs. Not only the Percent of IMGs in the Psychiatry Residency Program but where did the current residents go to medical school?  

The Top Ten Psychiatry Training Programs

Johns Hopkins University
University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)
University of California- San Francisco
Columbia University
University of Pittsburgh
UCLA Geffen

How Many Psychiatry Program should he apply to in the residency match?

Miguel enters his SUVY into IMGPreps Filter Box and is able to see not only which Psychiatry Residency Programs he qualifies for but much more

  • Are there Current Psychiatry Residents from India?
  • Who are the Current Psychiatry Program Residents?
  • What Percentage of the Psychiatry Residents are IMGs?
  • Is the Psychiatry Residency Program IMG Friendly?


IMGPrep Customized Psychiatry Residency Program Lists, are designed to be highly specific and target an applicant’s profile and provide. Simply enter your SUVY and see your customized IMG Friendly Psychiatry Residency List

TOP Ten factors for interview and ranking Psychiatry Residency Program


Search for the Best  List of Psychiatry Residency Programs based on your SUVY!

IMGPrep Who we are and what we offer?

IMGPrep Customized Psychiatry Residency Program Lists do far more than filter by SUVY. IMGPrep’s lists treat each applicant as a unique individual, and tailor results in a way that is truly unprecedented. No other program out there offers anything close to this degree of detail and analysis!

IMGPrep’s Residency Program Lists offers a distinct, competitive advantage to applicants as they decide which programs to apply.  

If you know your SUVY, then let’s get started in identifying the most competitive U.S. Residency Programs for you!

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