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Navigating Medical Education: An Examination of First-Generation American Indian Students Studying Medicine in India

February 20, 2023



The traditional path to medical school in the United States typically involves obtaining an undergraduate degree and passing the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). However, there has been a growing trend among First-Generation American Indian students who are opting to pursue medical education in India right after high school. This distinct choice offers several advantages, but it also comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Why Choose to Study Medicine in India – A Popular Choice Among Indian American Students?

Understanding the reasons behind this emerging trend of Indian American students choosing medical education in India is crucial. One significant factor is the shorter duration of the study. In contrast to the eight-year commitment in the U.S. (comprising four years of undergraduate study and four years of medical school), an MBBS degree in India, equivalent to an MD in the U.S., can be obtained in just five and a half years, including a year of internship.

Furthermore, the cost of medical education in India is significantly lower than in the United States, presenting an appealing option for families deterred by the exorbitant costs of higher education in the U.S.

For First-Generation Indian American students, studying medicine in India offers an opportunity to connect with their cultural roots and heritage, making this educational journey a deeply enriching personal experience.

Challenges Faced by Indian American Students in India’s Medical Education System

Despite the numerous advantages of medical education in India, there are challenges for Indian American students. The transition to a different education system can be jarring. The Indian medical education system, heavily exam-focused, can be a cultural shock for those accustomed to the more holistic, research-focused education in the U.S.

Additionally, adjusting to a new social and cultural environment can present obstacles. From dietary changes to understanding regional languages, cultural immersion in India can initially be overwhelming.

Coming Back to the U.S. after Medical Education in India

One of the most significant challenges for those Indian American students choosing this path is coming back to practice medicine in the U.S. Graduates of international medical schools, like those in India, must pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and complete a residency program in the U.S. Matching into a residency program can be more challenging for international medical graduates compared to their U.S.-educated peers.

However, with the increasing global recognition of Indian medical degrees and a growing number of successful Indian American doctors who followed this path, the tide is slowly turning.


For First-Generation Indian American students, the decision to pursue medical education in India right after high school is complex, offering compelling advantages but also significant challenges. As more students take this path, it’s essential for guidance counselors, educators, and families to understand the implications and provide the necessary support for these unique journeys.

Next Steps

Choosing the right path for medical education, whether in the U.S. or India, is often difficult for families, particularly those of Indian American students. These concerns are valid and crucial. The process of successfully reentering the U.S. medical system, including building a competitive application for the U.S. Residency Match, requires careful planning, preparation, and guidance.

With over twenty years of experience, IMGPrep is deeply familiar with the unique needs and challenges of Indian American students and international medical graduates opting for medical education in India. Preparation is the key to success – and the earlier, the better. With expert guidance, we have helped countless students navigate their medical journey abroad and witnessed exceptional outcomes.

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