Maximizing The Impact Of Your Application From Interview Selection To Ranking! MATCH 2019_2020

Maximize The Impact Of Your Application From Interview Selection To Ranking

May 10, 2019


Informed decision-making is a common phrase in medicine but most importantly it is the key to optimizing positive outcomes, especially in making the important decisions in preparing yourself for the US Residency Match. At IMGPrep, our first question for candidates is where it is you see yourself in the next 3-5 years. What is your goal, and is it obtainable? What are the steps that need to happen to ensure your application will be well received? At IMGPrep, we pride ourselves on working 1:1 with candidates to develop applications that are comprehensive and meet what it is the programs are looking for. We hear consistently from candidates about US clinical experience and how we obtain these rotations.  USCE is a clinical experience where a candidate acclimates to the US clinical environment and garners a US letter of recommendation in support of their candidacy to the Match, yet this is not all. Taking a close look at sample populations and Program Director Surveys it is evident that one’s ERAS application needs to be well developed with traditional clinical experience and also dedicated community service. Please see here

NRMP CO Internal Med

Numbers 7 and 8 both speak to experience, and as can be seen, irrespective of visa status, this number is substantial. One should also ask what other points are evaluated and looked at and how can I use that to maximize the impact of my application to increase the chance of being selected for an interview.

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While your scores are in stone, the LOR, MSPE, Personal Statements, Perceived Commitment to Specialty, and others can be well developed and will significantly impact the reception of your candidacy.


As for Ranking, it is a combination of your overall application but very much relative to your performance in the Residency Interview.

IMGPrep’s methodology and success is based on addressing all aspects of a candidate’s application. This allows for the candidate’s hard work to be presented in the best possible light resulting in the best possible outcomes.

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