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Is Pediatrics IMG Friendly? 2021-2022

April 15, 2021


For Pediatrics, 72 percent of US IMGs (219 of 306 persons) and 68 percent of non-US IMGs (335 of 490 persons) found matches in their preferred specialty in 2020. It was among the top 10 IMG Friendly specialties for that year. 

How many Pediatric Residency Programs are there?

There are currently 210 Pediatric Residency Programs.

New Pediatric Residency Programs

 In the past 5 years, there have been eleven newly opened Pediatric Residency Programs

Pediatric Residency Program

New Pediatric Residency Programs

Top 5 Pediatric Residency Programs

Where can I find an updated list of IMG Friendly Pediatric Programs?

IMGPrep’s lists treat each applicant as a unique individual, and tailor results in a way that is truly unprecedented. No other program out there offers anything close to this degree of detail and analysis! IMGPrep’s Residency Program Lists offers a distinct, competitive advantage to applicants as they decide which programs to apply.  If you know your SUVY, then let’s get started in identifying the most competitive U.S. Residency Programs for you!   SEARCH NOW!

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