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IMG-Friendly States 2023

April 6, 2023


2023 TOP Five IMG-Friendly States

As an International Medical Graduate (IMG) seeking admission to a medical school in the United States, it is important to be familiar with the IMG-friendly states. The competition for residency programs can be fierce, so it is advisable to have a strategy that includes identifying states that are friendly to IMGs. This blog post provides information that will help IMGs make informed choices about the states where they are most likely to be accepted into residency programs.

An IMG-friendly state is one that has a history of accepting international medical graduates into its residency programs. The friendly states can either be identified by the number or percentage of IMGs accepted into their residency programs. However, not meeting the IMG-friendly criteria does not mean that IMGs cannot apply to those states.

New York

NY IMG-Friendly State

is known to be the most accommodating state for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in terms of the number of IMGs accepted. Furthermore, IMGs have a higher probability of securing residency programs in New York. Among the most popular specialties selected by IMGs in New York are Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine. Unlike other states, there is no restriction on the number of attempts that an applicant can make on the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) in New York. However, one vital requirement for an IMG to be eligible for matching into a New York program is to have completed no more than 12 weeks of clinical clerkships outside the country, unless the medical school has received approval from the New York State Education Department for applicants with over 12 weeks of clinical clerkships. It is worth noting that Caribbean Medical Graduates frequently match into New York as they complete two years of their clinical rotations in the United States.


Florida IMG-Friendly

is the second most IMG-friendly state by the number of IMGs accepted, with internal medicine being the most common specialty chosen by IMGs.


Michigan IMG-Friendly

is the third most friendly state for IMGs by the number of IMGs accepted, with internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics being the popular specialties.


Pennsylvania IMG Friendly State

is another IMG-friendly state where internal medicine has the highest number of IMGs among all other specialties.

New Jersey

New Jersey IMG-Friendly State

is an East Coast state with a significant proportion of IMGs in residency programs. The popular specialties include internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics.

When choosing a state for residency programs, IMGs should consider several factors. Programs admission requirements SUVY- Percentage of Current IMGs- Where the Current IMGs went to school- Personal Preference. The NRMP National Residency Matching Program provides annual Main Residency Match Data and Reports it is important to review this information better understand these trends.

IMGPrep Customized Residency Program Lists is the only tool that provides applicants information beyond the SUVY Score, US Clinical Experience, Visa, and Year of Graduation. The 2S-UVY system integrates the name of the applicant’s medical school into the search resulting in highly specific targeting.

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