List of IMG-Friendly Residency Programs

IMG Friendly Residency Programs and ERAS Fees

May 18, 2019

International Medical Graduates (earlier used Foreign Medical Graduates) work for years on completing their residency application to become eligible to participate in the NRMP Residency Match. In the hopes of securing a position in postgraduate training,  IMG/FMG applicants become ECFMG Certified, garner U.S. letters of recommendation, obtain research opportunities, work on publications and it is not uncommon to see an IMG applicant obtain a graduate degree to develop their application further.

IMGPrep’s mission is to assist IMGs in finding their residency match. Here are the three phases of finding a match:

  • Phase 1 Developing a competitive application to the IMG residency Match
  • Phase 2 Applying to the IMG Residency Match
  • Phase 3 Interviewing with Residency Programs

If you are reading this article you are probably in Phase 1.  This is where you are developing your residency application form, working on your residency personal statements, and choosing the correct IMG friendly residency programs that you qualify for. By the time an applicant completes Phase 1, they can have invested over two years in developing an ERAS application.

Fees for ERAS Residency Applications

ERAS Application Fees chart

ERAS Residency Application Fees For A Specialty


It is possible to use our ERAS Fees Calculator (login required).

Example 1: 100 Internal Medicine IMG Friendly Residency programs and 50 Radiology IMG Friendly Residency programs [$99.00 + (10 x $15.00) + (10 x $19.00) + (70 x $26.00) + $99.00 + (10 x $15.00) + (10 x $19.00) + (20 x $26.00) ] = $3218.00

Example 2: 100 Surgery IMG Friendly Residency programs [$99.00 + (10 x $15.00) + (10 x $19.00) + (70 x $26.00)] = $2259.00

Example 3: 50 Family Medicine IMG Friendly Residency programs and 50 Psychiatry IMG Friendly Residency programs [$99.00 + (10 x $15.00) + (10 x $19.00) + (20 x $26.00) + $99.00 + (10 x $15.00) + (10 x $19.00) + (20 x $26.00)] = $1918.00

Example 4: 30 Pediatrics IMG Friendly Residency programs and 30 Obstetrics and Gynecology IMG Friendly Residency programs and 30 Neurology IMG Friendly Residency programs [$99.00 + (10 x $15.00) + (10 x $19.00) + (10 x $26.00) + $99.00 + (10 x $15.00) + (10 x $19.00) + (10 x $26.00) + $99.00 + (10 x $15.00) + (10 x $19.00) + (10 x $26.00)] = $1317.00

One of the biggest challenges IMGs face is feeling confident in choosing the correct IMG friendly residency programs. How do you create a list of img friendly residency programs?

The obvious answer would be for an applicant to review the requirements of each program in the specialty they are interested in and make an informed decision as to whether or not they qualify. This seems simple enough but is it practical? An applicant interested in applying to Internal Medicine faces reviewing over 500 programs. Applicants not only invest a great deal of time in this portion of Phase 2 they also invest a great deal of money.

Calling hundreds of residency programs to find out their minimum requirements would take you months. How can you make sure your job search is as efficient and effective as possible? How can you find a list of IMG friendly residency programs?  The key to making the right decision is to invest your time and effort efficiently and effectively to ensure you are making the correct choice.


List of IMG Friendly Residency Programs

In an effort to assist applicants IMGprep developed a detailed proprietary database of residency programs and their requirements.  Over the course of a decade, with the input of 1,000s of candidates we have developed and consistently improved our software to provide our customized residency programs list for residency candidates.  An applicant fills out a simple search box where they enter their USMLE scores, Visa status, Years from graduation, and US clinical experience.

These parameters will produce an accurate listing of residency programs.  For an applicant to make the most accurate decision about which residency programs to apply to we provide our applicants with additional points of data most importantly the following:

  • Photos of Current Residents and where they attended medical school
  • Percentage of IMG residents in their program.  Is this an IMG friendly residency program?
  • Fellowships ( Does the program have affiliated fellowships? )
  • Alumni ( Where do they go? Fellowship, Private Practice)
  • Research  (Are there research opportunities for residents? )
  • Letter from the Program Director ( Understand the mission statement )

Extensive thought and consideration have gone into the development of not only the preliminary results but secondary data provided to maximize the efficacy of the data.  In addition, all data is also timestamped by month/date/ year of editing to ensure our applicants are receiving updated information.

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