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7 Steps to Generate Additional Residency Interviews

February 14, 2018


Have you submitted your ERAS application to desired residency programs and received no reply? Now is the time to consider contacting some of these programs to request that they reconsider your application. The following is a step by step process that has yielded positive outcomes for some of our candidates. Why not give it a try?

More Residency Interviews

  1. Look over the list of residency programs you applied to and select ten preferred programs you have not heard from or from which you have received a rejection letter.
  2. Thoroughly review the website of each of the programs and identify points that tie your experience and expertise with their goals, objectives, and activities.
  3. Compose an e-mail to send to the Program Coordinator and Program Director asking them to reconsider your application and give them several examples of your experiences and behavioral traits that would be desirable to the residency program.
  4. Some examples which may match your strengths with the needs of the program are your experiences with community service, research, teaching, supervising, work in underserved areas with multiple cultures, USMLE scores, and US experience. These are just a few strengths you can tie into the philosophy and curriculum of the program.
  5. Select three or four of your strongest traits from the following examples of behavioral skills including flexibility, focus, goals oriented, ability to easily integrate and work with any group, empathy for patients and families, excellent communication and listening skills, friendliness, respect, and professionalism.
  6. Once you develop your e-mail attach a photo and make sure you note your AAMC number under your name.
  7. Give it a week and follow up with a phone call.

Questions?  Please contact us.  IMGPrep has many services to support IMGs in their search for a US residency.  Among these are assistance finding clinical externships and preparation for residency interviews.

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