DO Friendly Residency Program

DO Friendly Residency Programs: Matching in Internal Medicine for Osteopathic Candidates

January 11, 2024


Introduction: DO Friendly Residency Programs

Navigating the residency application process as an osteopathic medical student or graduate (DO) can be challenging. It’s crucial to understand which internal medicine programs are receptive to DOs to enhance your chances of success. This article focuses on DO-friendly internal medicine residency programs and illustrates how IMGPrep’s Customized Residency Lists can significantly benefit osteopathic candidates.

The Rise of DOs in Internal Medicine Residencies:

The trend in internal medicine is increasingly favorable for DO applicants. For instance, the 2022 Match saw a record number of DO applicants in internal medicine, with a match rate of 94%. Such statistics underscore the growing acceptance and preference for osteopathic candidates in this field.

Top DO-Friendly Internal Medicine Residency Programs:

Certain programs have shown exceptional commitment to DO education. For example, Riverside Medical Center and Beaumont Health are among those with a 100% DO resident rate. Such figures highlight the vast opportunities for DO graduates.

IMGPrep’s Customized Residency Lists – A Strategic Tool:

IMGPrep’s unique database offers tailored lists, considering the percentage of DO residents in various programs. This customization is key for targeting the right programs, ensuring a strategic approach for DO candidates.

DO-Friendly Residency Search Programs Now:

Understanding the nuances of DO and MD differences, the impact of the residency program “Merge,” and the DO-friendly trends in internal medicine is essential. Utilizing resources like IMGPrep can significantly bolster your application strategy.

Key Considerations for DO Candidates:

Recognizing the differences between DO and MD, understanding the implications of the residency program “Merge,” and staying updated on DO-friendly trends in internal medicine are crucial. Resources like IMGPrep’s Customized Residency Lists can greatly enhance your application strategy.


For osteopathic candidates, identifying DO-friendly programs is vital. Leveraging tools like IMGPrep’s Customized Residency Lists enables a more targeted and strategic approach, improving your prospects in internal medicine residencies.

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