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You didn’t Match? Review Your ERAS application!

June 18, 2017



• What can you do in the next year to improve your chance to match?
• Can you realistically assess your credentials and determine what you can do to be more marketable and get more residency interviews next year?
• What’s missing? Thoroughly review your ERAS application.
• Do you have enough experience in your desired specialties to support your application?
• Did you review the eligibility requirements for the residency programs to which you applied to make sure you were competitive?
• How can you be a winning candidate at interviews?


• Will getting US clinical experience in the specialties of your choice improve your chances?
• Will doing a new more comprehensive ERAS application including your personal statement and CV make your application more compelling and result in more interview invitations?
• Will you benefit from working on language or accent issues?
• Will residency interview preparation help you to relax and perform well in person?

IMGPrep can help. Our team members are all experienced leaders in Graduate Medical Education and will be happy to review your ERAS application and your credentials with you and help you to develop a winning strategy to obtain your residency training goals

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