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An Overview of the Type of Program Positions Available in the Main Residency Match

April 25, 2023


Type of Program Positions in Residency Match

The Main Residency Match is a highly anticipated event for both medical students and residency programs. As a medical student, you may be wondering which programs participate in the Match. This article will cover the various types of programs that take part in the Match.

The Main Residency Match includes different types of program positions that applicants can apply for. Here are the different types of program positions:

  • Categorical Position (“C”): This is a post-graduate year one (PGY-1) position that provides full training required for board certification in a specific specialty.
  • Primary Position (“M”): This is a PGY-1 position in Medicine or Pediatrics that emphasizes training in primary care.
  • Preliminary Position (“P”): This is a one-year position in a Transitional Year or specialty program.
  • Advanced Position (“A”): This is a position in a specialty program that begins after the Match and requires one or more years of preliminary training.
  • Reserved Positions (“R”): These are PGY-2 positions in specialty programs that start in the year of the Match and are reserved for physicians with prior graduate medical education. These positions are also known as “Physician Positions”.

It’s important to note that the Match is primarily for residency programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). These programs are located in various settings, such as academic medical centers, community hospitals, and Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals.

Most residency programs in the United States participate in the Match. However, some programs do not participate in the Match, such as military residencies, which have their own application and matching processes. Additionally, programs in specialties such as ophthalmology and urology have their own matching systems and do not participate in the Main Residency Match.

In summary, the Main Residency Match includes ACGME residency programs in various settings and specialties. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Applicants can apply for different types of program positions in the Match, including Categorical Positions (“C”), Primary Positions (“M”), Preliminary Positions (“P”), Advanced Positions (“A”), and Reserved Positions (“R”).

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