About IMGPrep

IMGPrep was established in 2005. Since that time and till now IMGPrep is devoted to excellence in teaching, training, and mentoring medical doctors and medical school students from around the world that seek to participate in graduate medical education in the United States.

For applicants  who are excited about continuing their studies and entering into a U.S. medical residency program, IMGprep offers an unparalleled experience. Our team provides complete solutions for evaluating, planning and implementing strategies to enter into US residency programs.

Our proven step-by-step method takes the confusion out of the complex process of applying for the “match” and ensures that our applicants have the absolute best chance of success. We help to gain valuable U.S. clinical experience. We offer services to help craft your residency personal statement and other documents needed for the ERAS application.  We created a search engine for  residency programs.  We successfully prepare applicants for their residency interviews.