Residency Program Lists

As an international medical graduate, you need access to the most complete and accurate residency program list. Because all residency programs have specific screening criteria, you also need something that helps you identify which residency programs you’re qualified for – and IMGPrep can help.

We have the most comprehensive residency program list for international medical graduates, and it’s always current.

Focusing Your Efforts Based on an IMG Residency Program List

When you’re an international medical graduate looking for the right residency match, you don’t have time to waste on the wrong programs.

If you don’t meet a program’s minimum requirements, you’ll be rejected automatically. That’s why it’s so important to work from an accurate, up-to-date residency program list for international medical graduates.

Our IMG residency program lists allow you to identify which programs you qualify for so that you can narrow your choices quickly and efficiently.

Why Use Our IMG Residency Program List?

Using our IMG residency program list is simple, and it will tell you everything you need to know to find the perfect residency match. The database contains detailed information on more than 3,000 programs in dozens of specialties.

Our IMG residency program list also includes:

• Application deadlines
• Detailed contact information
• Percentage of IMGs that are residents in the program
• Information on past IMG acceptance rates
• Details on available fellowships
• Alumni history
• Residency program city information
• Information on whether ECFMG certificates are required to obtain an interview

We update our residency program list database twice a year, so you’re always getting the most current information. Lists cost $65, making them among the most cost-effective tools you’ll find.

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Getting a Competitive Edge in Residency Matching

Ready to see how comprehensive our IMG residency program lists are and how they can help you? Add your information to the form below and we’ll run a quick scan of our database to see how many programs you may qualify for; there are thousands of programs available.

IMGPrep’s Customized Residency Program Lists: Working for You

Our unique and comprehensive residency program database is the leading source of the industry’s most sought-after information. It provides you, as a foreign medical graduate, with the targeted and actionable information you need to move forward with your career in the U.S. healthcare system.

Don’t waste your limited time and resources researching hundreds of individual programs. We’ve created the most well rounded, detailed IMG residency program list available, and it’s designed to make the process easier for you. The best part is that it’s extremely affordable—lists are only $65—particularly when you factor in the amount of time you’d ordinarily spend searching for the same information we provide.

To learn more, read our IMG residency program list FAQ. You can connect with an IMGPrep advisor at (202)904-2851 or call toll-free at (866)376-0094; you can also contact us online or send us an email to discover how we can help you find the best U.S. medical residency program.