Residency Matching

Thousands of people just like you are interested in becoming practicing physicians in the United States, and there’s good news: the Association of American Medical Colleges estimated that approximately 25 percent of all U.S. physicians are international medical graduates.

Planning for a U.S. Residency Match

With the right people behind you – those who will help you prepare and give you the tools you need to succeed – you can bridge the gap between your international medical training and a successful U.S. residency match.

At IMGPrep, we specialize in helping our international medical graduates make a U.S. residency match that meets their unique needs. We’ll work with you to develop a customized individual plan that helps you reach your goals, and we’ll provide you with all of the information you need along the way.

How IMG Residency Matching Works

IMG residency matching requires the student to obtain a certificate from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates®. Certification from the ECFMG is the nationwide standard that you must meet for supervised patient care.

Before you can qualify for ECFMG certification, you must pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination®. In order to be competitive, you must perform exceptionally well on the USMLE. You may even need higher scores on the USMLE than your U.S. medical school counterparts to match into the same specialties.

After you have received your ECFMG certification, you’ll need to complete a Common Application Form on the Electronic Residency Application Service. The CAF gives a brief synopsis of your training and background, including the date you graduated from medical school and the date of your initial application.

The purpose of the CAF is to help you with IMG residency matching. The timeline it displays should show that you have been consistently working toward your goal: obtaining a match into a U.S. residency position. In order to show potential matches that you deserve an opportunity, you will need a long-term, organized plan of action.

That’s where IMGPrep comes in.

What You Need for an IMG Residency Match

The steps for all applicants are the same, but the process differs for each international medical graduate. No two candidates have the same USMLE scores, visa status or qualifications, which is why you need an individualized plan to achieve a successful IMG residency match.
The IMG residency match process follows the same path for everyone:

• USMLE scores
• ECFMG certification
• U.S. clinical experience and letters of recommendation
• Personal statement
• Completion of the Common Application Form
• Interview preparation
• An IMG residency match

Help with Your IMG Residency Matching Plan

IMGPrep helps applicants from all over the world by identifying and enacting individual plans that meet the students’ needs.

We’ll conduct a detailed evaluation of your qualifications and find the best path for you to take. Your path may include USCE, earning a graduate degree or completing volunteer work; we’ll likely suggest you participate in research, as well. Generally, a combination of these tactics over an extended period of time will develop your competitive edge for a U.S. residency match.

Let’s Discuss Your IMG Residency Match

We specialize in helping people just like you match into a U.S. residency program. Because we’re completely committed to your success, we’d love to discuss your opportunities.

Call IMGPrep at (202)904-2851 or toll-free at (866)376-0094 today for a free evaluation. You can also email us or contact us online to discover how we can assist you in developing your plan of action for successfully participating in the U.S. residency match.