Non-Clinical Consulting

If you’re a Caribbean medical student or graduate, you may be at a distinct disadvantage. Often, this is simply because it’s tough to find a professional or career advisor to work on your behalf as you prepare your U.S. residency application. Most U.S. medical schools usually have personnel dedicated to assist students, but most Caribbean schools do not.

Graduates of Caribbean Medical Schools

If you have graduated from a Caribbean medical school, IMGPrep can help. We have a solid track record of working with graduates from Caribbean medical schools to ensure that they have the same competitive information and guidance that their U.S. medical school counterparts have.

Our experienced counselors can also provide you with a competitive advantage in the U.S. residency application process. Our expertise spans across the globe and allows us to help graduates of medical schools all over the world.

The IMGPrep Residency Advisor Package

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the IMGPrep Residency Advisor Package. Once confirmed, you will be assigned a counselor who will help you define your residency goals and help you meet them. Your personal counselor will walk you through the residency application process; he or she will also enable you to identify and overcome your weaknesses while maximizing your strengths.

You’ll be able to plan ahead by creating an outline that sets the framework for your success.

Your counselor will help you identify the residency programs that you’re qualified to participate in so that you can maximize your impact during the application process. This also helps you make the most efficient use of your resources, including time and money.

You’ll also have the option of participating in clinical rotations to supplement your U.S. clinical experience, which will enable you to obtain additional letters of recommendation to support your application. Further, you’ll benefit from intensive interview preparation and coaching, and you’ll have access to board review materials.

You can talk to your counselor as early as your junior year in medical school or at the start of your clinical rotation. You’ll have a concrete plan for your career progression, which will maximize your potential for success.

Let’s Talk about Non-Clinical Consulting Services for IMGs

We’ve helped hundreds of international medical graduates from the Caribbean and beyond over the last decade, and we’d like to extend our commitment to you.

Please call us at (202)904-2851 or toll-free at (866)376-0094. You can also email us or contact us online. We’re looking forward to leveling the playing field and helping you meet your goals.