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IMG Residency Match Application Overview

Are you an IMG (International Medical Graduate) interested in applying to National Residency Matching Program (NRMP®), also known as the Match®? Do you wonder how you can increase your competitiveness in the IMG Residency Match ®?   Would you like to know how your application compares to other International Medical School Graduates (IMGs)?   As […]

How to Answer Common Residency Interview Questions

You have worked hard for years, and now you have been asked to interview with a US Medical Residency Program.  You spent years preparing for the USMLE and working to improve your resume to ensure you were a competitive candidate. All that hard work has finally paid off, so now what do you do? You […]

Medical Residency Interview Tips

As noted in the 2016 NRMP program director Survey applicants performance in their medical residency interviews as the top reason to rank an applicant highly this surpassed, scores and clinical experience. Preparation is the Key! How do you prepare for a residency interview? Given the volume and competition for residency positions, you need to stand out […]

Mock Residency Interview Preparation

Why does IMGPrep recommend a mock residency interview before my real interview? Being asked to interview with a US medical residency program is one of the key milestones an applicant must reach to successfully match as a resident. Especially relevant is the data showing that except for a match violation, the single most important factor […]

7 Steps to Generate Additional Residency Interviews

Have you submitted your ERAS application to desired residency programs and received no reply? Now is the time to consider contacting some of these programs to request that they reconsider your application. The following is a step by step process that has yielded positive outcomes for the some of our candidates. Why not give it […]

Residency Program Requirements

Programs have strict residency program requirements and you’ll be competing against other qualified candidates. Adhering to the residency programs requirements and applying only to programs for which you qualify will get your application the most reviews. With a carefully prepared application and some hard work, you can catapult your application to the top of the […]

Residency Interview Coaching Service

Congratulations! All of your hard work and years of effort have finally paid off, and you have finally been invited to participate in a residency interview. Now what? According to the 2016 NRMP Program Directors Survey, Interactions with faculty during interview and visit, Interpersonal skills and Interactions with house staff during interview and visit where the top three factors when citing importance in the rating of multiple factors in the ranking of […]

You didn’t Match? Review Your ERAS application!

IT’S TIME TO STRATEGIZE…. • What can you do in the next year to improve your chance to match? • Can you realistically assess your credentials and determine what you can do to be more marketable and get more residency interviews next year? • What’s missing? Thoroughly review your ERAS application. • Do you have […]

Residency Application Personal Statement

You’ll want to catch the reader’s attention immediately. Remember, program directors read hundreds of personal statements. You don’t want them to skim yours! Try to start off your statement with a story that will grab the reader’s attention. Ideally, this story will explain why you’ve chosen a particular specialty, or will show off some of […]

Medical Residency Personal Statement

What is the purpose of the Medical Residency Personal Statement? A personal statement is the sole document where an applicant is provided a blank slip of paper and has full control of presenting themselves to the Residency admissions committee. Your Medical Residency Personal Statement is not an exam that will score you or a LOR […]

Strengthen Your Residency Application

Kaplan Medical and IMGPrep® According to statistics from the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®), of the 12,387 International Medical Graduates (IMGs) that participated in the 2015 Match, only 6,302 successfully matched into a first-year position. These sobering statistics show that fully half of the IMGs that participate will not be selected in the Match®. Unfortunately, this […]

International Medical Graduates Need USMLE Scores

How should International Medical Graduates prepare for the US residency match? What would be the best path to ensure success? International Medical Graduates making the decision to pursue postgraduate medical education training in the US are on a rewarding path, but not a simple one.  The process is not only academically competitive, it also requires […]

Residency Personal Statement Editing Service

Should I use the same residency personal statement for all programs? Applicants applying for the residency match are challenged by not only the competitiveness of the residency match, but also the complexity of the ERAS application process. Typically, an applicant’s competitiveness are judged based on a number of factors; their year of graduation, performance on […]

Avoid Residency Personal Statement Plagiarism

IMGPrep Personal Statement Services Ethics Statement There are lots of right ways to write your residency personal statement, but there’s one approach that’s always wrong: plagiarism. Plagiarism is a very serious concern for every residency applicant. Not only is it unethical, but an applicant who is found to have plagiarized content for his application may […]

How to Write a Residency Personal Statement

Tips on How to Write a Residency Personal Statement Like all other residency applicants, you want to use your residency personal statement to show program directors that you are a qualified applicant; that you are smart, analytical, and knowledgeable; that you are talented and skilled; that you are compassionate and empathetic. But while those qualities […]

Medical Residency Personal Statement

Many IMGs are nervous about writing their personal statement. For applicants who are still mastering English, the thought of writing a page-long essay can seem daunting. Worse still, ERAS application directives are vague, and many applicants are not sure what they should write about, and how they should present it. Here are some tips to […]

Addressing a Weakness in your ERAS Personal Statement

As with all aspects of your applications, you should approach your ERAS Personal Statement with a critical eye. Your ERAS Personal Statement is a tool with which you will have a voice during the initial evaluation process of your candidacy for an interview. If you feel your ERAS application has a red flag or an […]

Writing a Personal Statement: The Basics

Many IMGs are nervous about writing a personal statement. For applicants who are still mastering English, the thought of writing a page-long essay can seem daunting. Worse still, ERAS directives are vague, and many applicants are not sure what they should write about, and how they should present it. Here are some tips to get your statement […]

Are You Applying to the Wrong Residency Programs?

“Which residency programs should I apply to?” “Which residency program list is IMG Friendly?” We get these questions all the time. But there’s another important aspect of the applications process that many applicants do not consider. Not only is it important to select the correct programs to apply to, it is important to apply correctly. […]

Elements of an Attention-Grabbing Personal Statement

“What’s the point of a personal statement, anyway?” a client of ours wondered. “If I wanted to be a writer, I wouldn’t have gone to medical school!” Many frustrated applicants share her sentiments. To them, the personal statement is just another annoying hurdle in an already complicated process, just another senseless task to complete. These […]

The Top Five Personal Statement Errors

The Top Five Personal Statement Errors That Residency Applicants Make 1. Rewriting your CV Many applicants write their personal statement as if it were a mini-biography. Make your statement more than just a chronological retelling of your experience, places of employment, and your duties and responsibilities. Writing such a statement does nothing to increase the […]

From The Mailbox: Discussing Difficulties in Your Personal Statement

Rose asks: It is time to write the personal statement for Match 2011, but I have some questions about it. Should I discuss the following difficulties that I have experienced to emphasize my personal strengths? I had a hard childhood, and as a physician, I experienced the deaths of both of my parents. I had […]